“Senior staff go over and above their job roles for Aunty and other residents and are a credit to the home as not onlyhave they made Aunty feel part of one big family they also have made me feel so comfortable when visiting. “

Brenalwood Residential Home

Leisure and Lifestyle

Our Leisure & Lifestyle Services are a central part of our home. We are dedicated to enabling and encouraging the residents to lead an activity based lifestyle.

The activity programmes are devised to be person centred and meet our individual resident’s needs. They have a multifaceted approach and are devised to be; creatively, physically, emotionally and cognitively stimulating.

We provide a person centred activity programme to cater for all of our resident’s needs. We try to create moments of joy for our residents throughout the day.

We have our own replica pub the Brenalwood arms where the residents can watch sport, play darts or a board game while having a pint or a glass of wine.

Animals play such a big part in the home, we have a small flock of chickens, rabbits and a fish pond in the garden. Inside the home we have our pet budgie and we also have goldfish in their tank. Once a year at our open day we have a petting farm which is extremely popular with residents, visitors and staff alike.

We have strong links with the home. We participate in local run activities including the carnival and the flower festival at the parish church. Some of our residents attend the local churches regularly and we also arrange for communion for our residents who are unable to attend church to take place in the home. The parish church also attends the home monthly to hold a small hymn service.

We strive to ensure that our residents; feel appreciated, at all times treated with respect, dignity and with an acknowledgement of their own psychological and emotional needs.

Manager: Wendy McNeill

Hall Lane,
CO14 8HN

Telephone: 01255 675 632
Email: manager.brenalwood@rctl.co.uk


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