Care Values

For us at Regal Care Trading Ltd it is the key values of Person Centred Care, Promoting Independence, Individuality and Dignity, Families and the 6’s which help forge the Regal Experience.

We take a holistic approach to our care and ensure that we look after not just our resident’s physical and clinical needs but also their social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Person Centred Care

The importance of this type of care is recognised throughout the care industry and our aim is to provide positive person centred and rewarding care throughout our Care Communities.

The reality of person centred care is achieved through our company initiatives such as “Resident of the Day” our Leisure and Lifestyle Services and tailored staff training.

Resident of the day plays an important role within our person centred core values. From having their room spring cleaned by the Domestic Department, having their favourite meal on the menu by the Catering Department to ensuring that their Care Plan is reviewed and updated by the Care Department; Resident of the Day is really a holistic approach to ensuring that we are meeting the needs of that resident.

Our leisure and lifestyle Manifesto enables each Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator to organise a calendar of events and activities that encompasses all of our residents likes, past hobbies and interests. The main sources of information are our Social Life & Engagement Care Plans that are in-depth and created with the help of the residents and their families and friends.

Our staff training is a continuous and evolving matrix which aims to not only inform and instruct our staff in the latest courses and best practices but it also encourages them to take pride in their profession and become beacons of good practice in an ever changing and challenging industry.


At Regal Care Trading we hold Dignity as one of our key core values. Each community has a Dignity Champion, Manifesto and Principles which are adhered to and promoted throughout the community and company.

Our Dignity Champions ensure that there is always a person centred approach to dignity for each individual resident and that the staff are always maintaining this core value.

Independence and Individuality

Another core value is our approach to promoting the independence and individuality of our residents. This is very much cascaded through our person centred holistic approach to our residents care and social needs. Our staff at all times encourage and promote our residents to be independent and make choices. Empowering our residents to still live fulfilled lifestyles is something we are passionate about.

We respect the individuality of all our residents and strive to ensure that we respect and see them not just as a resident but as a person, with a history and a lifetime of stories and experiences. Through our person centred approach we tailor the care and social experience to meet the individual needs, likes and dislikes.


The relationship we build with the families and friends is just as important as the relationships we build with the resident. When your loved one moves in to one of our care communities the families and friends become an intrinsic part of the support network that we create for them.

Families and friends are always welcomed in to our homes and are encouraged to take part in our leisure and lifestyle events programmes. Whether you are popping in to share a pot of tea or attending one of the numerous social events in our yearly calendar it is important that our friends and families are kept up to date and also feel part of the community.

We also know how hard sometimes it can be for families when a loved one moves in to a community. There can be many difficult decisions and emotions that you go through. Our experienced Staff and Managers are here to help, reassure and guide you through this process.

Our staff and managers are highly trained and experienced professionals who are able to help reassure and give advice on numerous conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes or if your loved ones medical condition changes or deteriorates; we are always here to help and support you!

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